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What approach should be taken?

So, I have some questions about -My- lawn. As a business, I only do maintenance (trim, edge, mow, blow, mulch-redo, minor hedge trimming/pruning, and occasional brush cutting). It's been a steady 55+ here for about two and a half weeks now. Many peoples lawns are nice and green and growing well. Mine, on the other hand, has nice splotchy, brown dead spots. Being relatively new to the business (2nd year in operation), I don't know much about turf management. Last year I did three granular fertilizations using Scott's Turfbuilder from Lowes/Home Depot. I know the fert guys frown upon this, but I cant justify getting a professional fert company to come in and spray. My yard has high vehicle traffic, vehicles parked on the lawn and hasn't been aerated in the twenty years we've been here. I'm interested in steps I should take towards bettering the lawn, growth, and getting rid of the dead patches (perhaps those patches just haven't started growing yet?).

My assumption would be start with core aeration. Possibly following up with an over-seed? (broadcast spreader or rent a slicer-seeder?). Don't really think it needs dethatched; for the most part, while I was growing up, dad always bagged the grass. Now that I'm cutting it, I'm bagging it until all the weeds have been crowded out, then will be mulching. Pretty sure the lawn is a blue/rye/fescue mix as thats what most lawns in the area are, unless the yard has been redone with a specific type. Plan on doing a weed-n-feed soon, but hesitant because of the dead patches.

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Irrigation pipe is best laid under the ground. Violets are a particularly difficult weed problem. Hire a pro--but it will take repeated treatments.
To me--the grass looks like a mixture of tall fescue and Bermuda. The Bermuda will green up, but only when the temps hit about 80.

For best results add irrigation, soil test, resod with Bermuda--(or fescue). Fertilize regularly.
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Originally Posted by RigglePLC View Post
Irrigation pipe is best laid under the ground.
Are you referring to the thing in the top right of the first picture? If so, it's a stick. But I do see where it looks like a pipe. The yard has no irrigation and likely never will unless I acquire the house in my parents will. But that's still many years off before anything like that is a possibility.

Thanks for the input. I guess I need to call around to the local fert applicators and see what their pricing / plans are. The weeds wont be much of an issue once the actual grass gets growing. It was like this (as far as the weeds go) at the beginning of last season as well. After the grass thickened up it crowded the weeds out (with the addition of some weed-n-feed).

I'm just concerned about the parts that are still dead. Wondering if it has something to do with the extended winter, or if the soil is too compacted and the roots aren't getting the proper proportion of air and water.
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I'm in sissonville and the brown grass definitely looks like Bermuda. I had it come in my yard and have been battling it the past couple years. My yard is all fescue except for the Bermuda patches. It will green up probably any time now considering it bas been in the upper 80s the past few days. In my yard, come August the Bermuda will still be nice green while the rescue is turning brown from the heat. The only way I know to get rid of the Bermuda is to roundup and start over. That is what I did last fall. Reseeded the patches I killed with tall rescue. If it comes back I will probably throw in the towel and just let is take over the whole yard. It will spread through rizomes quickly.
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