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Old 11-15-2014, 05:49 AM
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Quality control forms

For you guys that leave quality control forms at your customers homes after servicing them, would one of yall that leaves one provide a sample of what yours looks like? Was considering doing this for the first time this year and was looking for some suggestions on what to include in the reports. Anything supplied would be greatly appreciated.
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Old 11-15-2014, 10:04 AM
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I always figure if they can't say it to my face they're sure not going to put it on a piece of paper that Guess WHO is going to read the instant it comes into Guess WHOSE office. Especially for a solo operation, but even slightly larger outfits are likely to experience similar results.

See, the biggest problem is repercussion.
You'd figure it would be that PITA customer who has been a pain in your side ALL year who would complain, didn't you!
Well, from a consumer's point of view, that's the problem.

The only thing I can see yielding much fruit is to send out truly anonymous forms that can't be traced back to the customer. For this to work it may be best to hire a third party, there exist companies out there who do just that, they gather customer satisfaction results... At the end of the day this won't tell you who isn't happy, but it will tell you if they're overall happy or not, and it can help you nail down areas that need improvement.

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Old 11-17-2014, 01:07 PM
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In a way, I see what herler is talking about.

Earlier this year I was testing a new idea of notifying customers after the mowing was done. Here is the basic idea:

When a customer signs up, they have the option to be notified after the mowing was done. Once the mowing was done, I would send an email to the customer to let them know it was done.

Pretty easy right? This way they can keep track of cuts, or know when we showed up, etc. The reason we didn't leave tags/cards on or in the door is because of vacationers/renters...I didn't think the owners would want the house to look vacant for thieves.

This was a massive failure. All it did was open up a can of complaint-worms. The typical responses I got back after I sent my email were:

"Ok, I'll inspect it when I get home."
"Why does it look like the grass was mowed shorter this week?" (Our height never changes.)
"You missed a blade or two of grass"

So after a few weeks of this, I pulled the plug on it. The complainers stopped...maybe they didn't want to take the time to write an email or call. Maybe they realized it wasn't a big enough deal...who knows.

I think the best way to do it is an anonymous survey either via email or snail mail. If done by snail mail, you'd probably have to include a self addressed/stamped envelope with it.
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Old 11-17-2014, 01:58 PM
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What exactly do you mean by Quality Control forms? You're mean like something for the client to review your service or grade your service? Every week?

I think this is a little unnecessary, and as some of the others have said, stuff like this often opens up a can of worms. Most importantly, though, I think it is just something that 98% of the people would just throw away when they saw it.

Honestly, and I think most consumers would agree with this, it's really YOUR job to check on the properties and see how good they look - not your client's. Yes, it's their property. But you're the expert on how a properly cared for landscape should look, not them. Can you imagine your auto mechanic sending you a feedback form after he replaced your head gaskets? "How'd I do on your recent head gasket replacement?" I'd be like, "Hell if I know! You're the expert, not me. I don't hear an exhaust leak anymore, so I guess you fixed it. Why you asking me?"

If you want to really offer a good service to your clients, instead of asking their opinion, give them YOUR opinion of how their yard looks and what recommendations you have for making it better. I've seen TruGreen ChemLawn do this. They send a project manager by each account about every 60-90 days to look over the property. He has a full form that notes the condition of the cutting, edging, how green and healthy the lawn is, how level or uneven the lawn is, condition of the shrubs, condition of the beds (weeding, raking, etc.), there is a line to note if there are any insects seen in the lawn, any disease noted, any dead plants or trees that need to be removed, etc. Then there is a bunch of lines for recommended treatments for improving the lawn/landscape. Things like fertilizer, in-lawn weed control, bed weed control, insecticide app., aerating, de-thatching, etc. Now you may not offer or be able to do all these services. Fine. So just tailor it to what services you do offer. But something like this would not only be of more value and more appreciated. It also gives you the opportunity to point out to your client that they do have some things wrong with their lawn or landscape that you could fix for them (upselling!).

I wish I had something like this in place. Maybe we'll work on it this winter. But until 2015, we've been just totally overwhelmed in our maintenance division. We haven't been able to find another qualified manager to help us in that division. We just found one. So maybe going forward we'll be able to have time to do this. But up to now, we haven't had enough man power to do anything like this, even though we'd like to.

We do leave a nice checklist on their door saying what we did. It has a full list of the items we did that week and our number at the bottom. I'd be happy to hare that with you, in an email. But this is different than what you're asking for, I think.
Jim Lewis
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Old 11-17-2014, 05:29 PM
TTM42 TTM42 is offline
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That is exactly what I meant, apparently I didnt explain myself clearly. This would be for someone in-house to go around to the accounts to check and see if the crews are doing what they say they are doing and checking on the quality they are providing. I didnt mean leaving anything at the customers house, I meant totally in house where the manager goes out with a checklist to each account and sees if what the crews are doing is up to par. Sorry about the confusion.
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