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Respirable particles when?

Since doing research on here I have switched from standard nozzles that come with a backpack to Teejet AI drift resistant nozzles. When I'm spraying round up I will smell the odor of the chemical. Is this JUST the odor or am I getting particles down in my lungs? I'm sure we've all had those times when a draft comes out of no where and you get a huge whiff of chemical. I always put my back to the wind (when there is a breeze) but the wind won't cooperate sometimes.

When can you tell you are actually inhaling microscopic particles versus just the odor?
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The smell is the chemical if I remember my chemistry class correct.
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I know that a lot of stuff 'recommends' a respirator but most people don't wear it because they don't want to alarm customers. I know when I spread granular and it's a bit dusty I can smell and taste it and start to feel a little sick. Only happens with the cheaper stuff though.
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You should get one of these. http://www.gemplers.com/tech/sresp.htm Here is some more info http://www.pestmanagement.rutgers.ed...Pesticides.PDF and some morehttp://www.lawnsite.com/showthread.php?t=409622&highlight=respirators. Search respirators on here, you will find that thread.
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A lot of T&O products make no mention of a respirator. Nursery, Greenhouse or AG yes. Difference is in toxicity of product and application. A T&O application normally involves minimally toxic products and spray parameters that do not generate fine mists. Having said that, respirator and full face shield for me when spraying trees and shrubs. Application to trees and shrubs also means I have control of traffic 50 ft around. I am making these applications with 500 PSI spray equipment. If I am applying to a lawn no respirator. Spray equipment is regulated down to 40 PSI and air inducted nozzles are usually used. Showing my age and time in the industry, but I remember needing a respirator to safely handle a lot of what was used prior to 2000. Back then it was not on the label, but a look at the LD50 told me different. Those same products are now either banned or restricted to AG only. There's a reason why I do not see many spray guys who were age 40 or older still alive now.
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