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kawasaki fb460v wont stay running

first off, I'm sorry, I hate being this guy that joins a forum just to ask a question, I seriously have little to contribute elsewhere. I'm sorry.

ok, I'm a Nissan mechanic, this season I started doing some lawns for some realtors for extra cash, mainly vacant properties.

I grabbed a ransomes 48 walk behind for $300 that didn't start. found a clog at the bottom of the tank. win!!

got about 2 solid months of mowing.

used it last week for two lans with no issues, total of about 4 acres.

today went to mow my own lawn, it wont stay running for more than about 1 minute.

will start right back up, but dies pretty quick. doesn't matter if it's under a load or not.

if I run it with the air cleaner off I can keep it going with some 2+2.

took the carb off and cleaned what I could, I didn't pull jets or anything. same thing, no better or worse.

I see that carbs are no longer available for this?

just take this carb off and take it to be rebuilt? or is there something else I might be missing?

thanks in advance, and if anyone need advice on nissans or bmx bikes let me know. lol

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First.. let me say don't sub that motor for something else- They are great motors. It sounds like fuel issue so try the easiest first- unhook line at carb and make sure good stream in flow. If not.. make sure shut-off valve under tank is open and not just cracked open. Then I'd change the filter. If these check out then might have junk in float bowl or stuck float. If you were mowing for periods of time I tend to think it could be the filter. I don't think a screen is in tank but look. A plugged jet would be noticeable immediately. Check the fuel flow first. P.S. take with grain of salt- I'm no mechanic just around ope engines for years.
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I second cleaning the sediment bowl and a fuel filter. The bowl will fill with gunk and water. Check for leaks in the line, Sucking air. is the cap venting? Will it run with out the cap on? I have also in the past with very low air pressure blew the fuel lines. Be careful with the air. I'd say the carb is Ok, just a clog some where or possibly water in the gas. Unfamiliar with this model. Does it have a fuel pump?
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thank you,

there is no fuel pump, just a line from the tank to the carb with an inline filter--

I have good flow out of the line at the carb, I even ran a straight line form tank to carb with no filter just to be sure.

I ran it without the cap and had the same issue.

I had the bowl off, nothing in there.

when it's running, it runs great, just shuts down after 1-2 minutes.

it starts right back up, I don't need it to cool down, which is why think fuel and not spark.

thanks again
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ok, problem solved.

still couldn't figure it out, filter changed, good flow to the carb. when it ran it ran strong, just didn't run long. took it apart again. blew into where the fuel line attatched (with my mouth) while holding the float up and down. very scientific, I know. it didn't seem like it was getting enough flow.
I sucked on it and a small chunk of garbage got in my mouth. lol.

small price to pay though, because I put it back together and everything worked fine.

thanks guys
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