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I am having a couple of issues with this Kawasaki motor. the motor has 358 hours on it and is well taken care of. Recently i have noticed globs of what looks like grease under the crank case cover. when i removed the shield and cleaned it all up, it was not leaking from the cover. it looked like it was a little further back. I am no small engine mechanic but from what i have researched it looks like it could either be the head gasket or the gasket where the exhaust meets the engine

Has anybody had this type of problem and if so, what was it and what did you do to fix it.

Now, for problem #2! I also noticed that fuel is leaking from the carb. it appears to be leaking from the screw on the bottom of the bowl but i could be wrong. I removed the bowl and cleaned it all up and it still leaks. any suggestions?

thanks, in advance, for any help
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Old 03-19-2004, 01:04 AM
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dont know about problem one but problem two is probley just a float bowl gasket, gasket for the screw or if it is an adj. needle it has an o ring on it that could be bad
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Put a needle and seat in the carb. be more specific on the location of the oil leak.... if it looks like grease its not exhaust.
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Dig a little deeper into the "grease" problem. May be a cracked or loose crank case vent hose. Build up from a bad vent hose can and will look like grease once it collects a lot of dust.

Check the screw for a teflon washer. If none can be found. Take the screw to a Hardware store and try to locate a teflon washer that fits it.

Check the carb bowel for a small amount of damage. If the carb bowel gets bent around the area where the screw goes through it. The screw will not tighten properly.

This can and does happen over time if the bowel is held on by just one screw in the center of the bowel.

A quick fix for one screw/bolt bowels is to remove the float bowel.
Set it on top of a something that is about 1 1/2" round (PVC, large socket, etc) from the inside take a round solid object such as a 3/4" wooden dowel rod. Place it to where it completly covers the hole and tap the end with the palm of your hand.

What you want to do is reshape the bottm of the bowel slightly from Concave to Convex. In other words you want to make the area around the hole just a little higher than the surrounding area of the bowel.

This in turn will allow the bowel to be sandwhiched between the screw and carb housing much tighter.
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