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I took some measurements for a mulch job today.now client wants pinestraw instead of mulch. how do you bid straw by sq.ft without going back out to the property again basically how many sq.feet in a bale of straw? i know it depends on how thick you lay it out but just some ideas would help thanks in advance.
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For an initial strawing, you should be able to cover 50-60 square feet per bale. You need to put down at least 4 inches as it will settle. For subsequent mulchings 70-75 per bale. You will have to check with a local supplier to verify as there is some variance on bale size from region to region. Working with pine straw mulch is a bit different than other mulches. You should include the cost to trench the bed lines (digging the bed lines by hand or with a power trencher to define the borders and help contain the straw). You will have to work a bit on the technique to get a good tuck and roll on the bed lines so you have a sharp look to your finished job. At first you'll do good to get 4 or 5 bales per hour shaken out and finished. You should be able to double that after you get the hang of it. For larger jobs, a specialty sub should be a real consideration.
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A bale covers appx 54 sq feet and in most all areas the going rate for most LCO's here in NC is $7.50 per bale delivered and installed.
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here it's $8.00/bale

a bale is 3 cu ft.
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