10/21/07 Football

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  1. My Aggies survived the embattled coaches game. If Fran can beat OU and texas he might survive. If they both blow him out he is a goner IMHO. Callahan is doomed. i saw on ESPN that 8 top ten teams have lost to unranked opponents. Serious Parity. Glad to see So. FL go down. I watched Mizzou-TTech expecting a great shootout between two local stud QBs (Harrellvs.Daniels, we have a third stud at GA M. Stafford) Mizzou dominated. Poor ND:cry: One of the two USCs looked good yesterday. Are there whispers at Tenn yet? Cal lost. KU undefeated? I'm betting my Aggies take them down next week. And my most vexing question how does N. Dakota State put together a better football team than a giant University like Minnesota?
    The best sporting event in the world tonight a seventh game in baseball. GO SOX
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    That will never happen, he has his program in the WEEDS. I still think the Gators , although with two losses, are they the best that I've seen. Just look at the games that took place yesterday in SEC. There are alot of Paper Tigers out there, Boston College and Ohio State are just a few. Its unfair to be rewarded with a easy schedule, it makes for boring bowl games.
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    I hate the Cowboys but want them to kick the Vikings patootie today. First time I have EVER bet on the 'Boys. Gave 4 points.

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    As far as Tenn, Fullmer is solid he has a qb that I dont think is really good. The only thing that will keep him there is his former player. Good Ole Rocky Top hasnt been good for a couple of years now, but Phil will be fine. Bobby from FSU is on the hot seat now. Three years of Sub-prime performance, he may be making room for his son or GA's head ball coach.
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    I cant wait until the pats play indy..

    That game will be better than the superbowl..mark my words.
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    ::NFL=PWNED BY PATS:: :weightlifter:
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  8. GET COCKY. It will make it all the sweeter when those old farts crater at season end.
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    wishful thinking there pete.
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    "They will crater
    Sooner or later"

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