103T hand trencher?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Beerigator, Sep 22, 2009.

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    Well, I have a 220lb and a 180lb hand trencher, and I always have my personal 200lb hand trencher. But it doesn't work too good, so I usually send out the 220 or the 180. :)
  3. Beerigator

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    I've never tried one. I would be up to give it a go. It would give us a break from the jack hammer with a spade bit and digging bar.

    On occasion we can use our trencher.
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    most all of the lighting guys seem to have these. if i ran across one being the right mood ild buy one. The nice thing about them is they are blunt on the bottom, so you can use the tool to push the wire/pipe down without cutting or nicking. For now my square metal spade does the job, just have to push wire down with something else, usually the handle or manually tuck it in by hand.

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    Now wonder I never buy my tails there.
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  8. I had a kwik trench for several years. It had pros and cons. Narrow ditches, easy clean up, could move as fast as the trenching was done. Cut through roots. Downside was the soil had to be just right. Too wet and it stuck to the machine. Too dry and it all disappeared and you had no backfill. In hindsight I should have bought the smaller version of it and used it in conjunction with a walk behind. It could do the long run single pipes but the walk behind could do the multi pipe and mainline ditches. That might be a good tool for service though.

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