2 sprays for apple scab

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    Wondering what you guys do regarding apple scab on crabapples. Are 2 sprays enough? Do you wait until the trees are mostly leafed out? Is Eagle 20EW the best? thanks
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    We prefer backpack sprayers for regular lawns.
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    check out nys fruit tree recommends. they have efficacy data for apple & other fruit tree sprays. Be carefull to alternate between metabolic inhibited by each pesticide or use more than one if you are dealing with long time spray programs.
    Some fungicides kill already active infections. Leaf wetness.
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    Depending on the product you are using. The product I use is called Procon Z its (Propiconazole) Label recommends 3 sprays every 14 days.
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    You need to spray prior to bud break. After it leafs out generally to late for scab spraying.
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    If you time it correctly, 1 spray can do the trick. The general window for control is from bud break thru the period while the crabs are flowering. I have gotten good results with either Eagle or Tourney fungicides.

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