2008 Homeowners Stripes

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by ericlemson, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. ericlemson

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    Since we see all of these professionals with stripes, lets see some homeowner's stripes.

    Here is my back yard...the house is new and the grass was planted in September of 2007. I have 2 golden retrievers and as you can see, it tough to keep a nice lawn as they kill the areas they pee on. This spring I want to do some landscaping and in the fall plan to plant some more grass seed and a couple moderatly sized oaks.

    Take a look and feel free to tear me a new one!

    grass 041 1.JPG

  2. ericlemson

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    grass 039.JPG
  3. M & MD Lawn

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    Here are pics of my yard and for the dog thing, put tomato juice in their water and it will lower the acidity, it works for our dogs, im sure it will work for you.

    16mb 005.jpg

    16mb 004.jpg
  4. JosephLawnCare

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    ericlemson....teach your dogs how to pee in the pine needles!
  5. Ace 000

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    Nice lines the last pic looks perfect
  6. 04TurfT

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    nice work!
  7. Chestnut Oaks Prez

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    Nice job Eric!!!!!!!!!! I love dogs, just not my customers dogs:laugh:Hard to have a nice yard with 2 that size.
    Spring game Saturday!:cool2:
    Paul your pics look great but you are in the biz.:clapping:
  8. M & MD Lawn

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  9. fastcat

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    it says homeowner stripes and hes a homeowner. he just does it for a living to. plus maybe in this thread his stripes will actually look good compared to others. lol joking
  10. ericlemson

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    Thanks Chestnut and YES, its spring and that means the football!

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