2011 Walker Machines and Prices

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Tall Rider, May 8, 2011.

  1. Tall Rider

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    Went to my local dealer to check on a Stihl product and while I was there happened to walk by and look at the brand new Walkers that just came in for this year. I was looking at them for a few minutes and checking things over seeing what they have changed and improved and what has stayed the same since I ran them. The sales guy that had helped me inside comes outside and starts asking me how many of them I want in a joking way. Well we get to talking about them and he runs the whole Walker sales pitch and I guess I should have told him to stow it cause I know what they're about. I do like them alot dont get me wrong as do roughly 60% of the LCO's here. Anyways the popular model here everyone pretty much uses is a Model MT GHS 26hp efi with a 48" deck. Towards the end of the convo I ask him what these are going for now and they want $13,900 for that machine. I about choked and said good day ;) What is everyone paying where your at to be one of the elite to run a Walker?
  2. flatlander42

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    They sure are proud of em.

    Hell, the new MB was about 7.5k if I remember right.
  3. Alpha Property

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    mine was $16 000 canadian last summer
  4. Efficiency

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    this spring we bought a used one for about half that with 192 hours on it just to run a bed shaper and perforator. The machine is sold and the implements remain - anyone wanting to buy either PM me. Both are in excellent condition.
  5. mds2000

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    I have a 2010 mtghs 26 efi with a 42 inch deck and paid 16000$ canadian last year very expensive but love it.
    Just priced out a 74 side discharge deck 4200$ am going to get it but still hurts the pocket book.
  6. Golfpro21

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    just bought the new 2011 MT 26 efi with 52 collection deck......$14,755 and came with low profile tires and a second set of blades.

    Very happy with it

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