36 turf tracer missing grass

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Integritylawncare, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. Integritylawncare

    Integritylawncare LawnSite Member
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    my tt is periodically missing grass. i'm not walking too fast but it seems my blades aren't pulling the grass up before the cut. i'm running a set of atomic or gator blades. anyone have recommendations i want a great cut.
  2. dishboy

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    My best cut with that machine was with Exmark solid foil blades

    Gators always left stragglers, notched high lifts work good in wet but you loose some on cut quality.
  3. mowerbrad

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    Are your blades sharp enough? After about 30 accounts with my gators they need to be resharpened. Thats usually when I start to notice some stragglers left on the lawn.
  4. Integritylawncare

    Integritylawncare LawnSite Member
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    i was thinking of the j thomas high lift blade? any thoughts

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