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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by yardjobs, Feb 5, 2009.

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    I am in the final steps to winning a contract for the city for which i live in and in this final step they require me to have the following: 3b Rt, Core and Business License. I have passed the 3b Rt 7 years ago but it expired 12-31-06. I don't really remember everything on the 3b exam and was wondering if anyone has any advice on what to study for on the Core and 3b (what to put extra time into). I have the Core and 3b study guid coming in the mail but I would like to get started on studying NOW, is there anywhere I can check out online for study material? My deadline is March 12th and I feel anxious because to win this contract I have to have all those requirements met. Thanks guys.
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    Relax, If you had your 3B in 06 the retest will be a breeze. I'm sure you know the Core is the RT. What's the deal with the business license? All the Chemist requires is the Liability insurance and the Commercial Truck insurance. Business license is a city thing in IN. Remember the 3B is broken into 5 categories.
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    Hey thanks! The contract Is for a city so maybe that's why I need the business license? But yea even a total stranger like u saying it will be a breeze makes me feel a lil better
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    BUISNESS licenes is for the buisnes owner they will send you a bus. lic. if you are the owner.If you work for a bus. you will just get your cert.card .They send me my card with 3a.3b,7a and then a paper cert. for bus. lic.
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    Ok cause i am the business owner and I need it because i'll be doing the weed control for my business and me only.

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