5000 fliers 2x or 10000 fliers 1x?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Team Green Property Maint, Jan 22, 2009.

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    They do ship Them
  2. daveyo

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    10,000 mailers is $2920 on gotprint which is expensive, thats total. You can definitely get better deals, but like you said 5000 for 150 is pretty good thats shipped to your house and you distribute.
  3. ParadiseLS

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    with ad strategies, there are so many variables. i saw someone talking about a low success rate with direct mailers. in my area, direct mailers are very worthwhile. and in certain sectors of my area, they are borderline worthless, and door-to-door leaflets are fruitful.

    the biggest factor i think is the composition of your business. a few years ago, we needed to majorly expand our customer base, and direct mailers were just what the doctor ordered, along with some signage posted up customer's lawns and along our busy streets. this year, i'm debating whether or not i will be doing any direct mailing at all since 3 years of doing so, we've managed to hook into a strong customer base with a low turnover rate.

    also, there is the question of how much work you can manage and when you can manage it. for us, work starts April 1st with clean-ups, aerating, dethatching, fertilizing. a lot of people who have no intention of getting any of these services do not necessarily see our flyers and call us because they have it in their mind that they have another 3 weeks til they need to get their ducks in a row re: lawn care for the season. and the people who call me in early april or late march are usually the people who have their **** together really well, and they've allotted themselves time to shop around and get multiple quotes, bargain you down on your prices, and generally be a pain in the ass. if you already have a lot of customers who get multiple services and you are maybe looking to complement that customer base with people who don't get as much service, don't pay as much, but also don't take up a lot of time and energy, then you might be better to leave your advertising a little later. or if you don't have enough office support to help you manage all the phone calls and quoting on top of getting your work started, then you're better to spread your ads out over a few weeks.

    in summary, do you have enough time to manage a surge of quotes and queries, or are you better off spreading things out? will your service schedule be booked for some period based on existing customers and referrals who will require the first couple weeks of your service time, or can you afford to fit new customers into your schedule immediately? does your business need to expand, or are you just filling in your gaps among a strong existing base?
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    Colorcopysite.com is another great priced website to get copiesw made. I usually design my own flyer on MS word. I am pretty good with Word and i can make a smooth looking flyer. Send it to Brett at Spinn print/Colorcopysite.com and its less expensive than the brochures and post cards. I make 2 flyers to a page 4.5x11. Brett will also cut them for free and i will have them in 3 days. 5000 flyers = $175. I get a return of 5-10 calls of each 1000 flyers i distribute. Not bad for a self designed cheap alternative. I will probably have a high res. flyer designed next year or in the future. But the direct marketing of that flyer has taken me from 0 accounts to 65 quality accounts in 2 years after i have gotten rid of most of the dead beet customers.

    Morale of the story is:

    You dont have to pump an insane amount of money into marketing. But you do have to have an effective marketing strategy. And direct mail or posting flyers is the most cost efective way in this business.
  5. closecuts

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    I normally do 3. But 2 will work. It will get those same people seeing what you've got twice. Hopefully by the second time you can set the hook and land some.
  6. mngrassguy

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    3 flights works best. Like others have said, get your name in front of them multiple times. The more the better. Work the areas closest to your shop and your customers. Chances are good they have seen your trucks and/or your work more often.
  7. LB1234

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    I'm using a local print company. I tried the online printing thing but I can't get any of them to place the wafers on my brochures.


    Full color, dual sided, tri-fold brochure, 100# gloss text with aqueos coating, and one wafer seal per brochure is running me $700 for 5,000. I email the design to the print shop, they make sure every picture shows, bleeds are set, folds are correct, etc. I sign off on the copy and pay. Takes two weeks to process. Once they come in I pick up. Also, I have my bulk mailing permit through USPS so my permit imprint (i.e. stamp) is already on the brochure.

    I do two mailings of 2,143 addresses. Depending on the responses, I have ~700 flyers left to do a third mailing. Annual permit costs ~$150 and postage costs $0.260 per brochure. Therefore 5,000 mailings postage is going to run me $1,455.

    Now, I have a lot of work to do on my end. While the brochures are in print I have to start printing address labels on my laser printer. Also, once the brochures come in I need to place all those address labels on the brochures. address labels run me about $35 and I use about 0.50 of my toner cartridge which runs about 100 bucks. Also, I have to sort each zip code into bins for the USPS in order to receive the discount on the postage.

    All told, not including my labor with tax its $750 brochures, $90 labels, & $1,455 for postage. So I'm in the $0.46 cents per flyer range. I don't think thats too bad. Direct mail really works for me. By having my mailing permit it gives me the flexibility of when (and where) to send the flyers. I usually send one out about mid-march. I wait for the weather forecast to show a really nice weekend when people might start thinking about outdoor projects. If snows in the forecast I can hold off. I mail out Wednesday evening so it arrives Friday/Saturday when they start to get outside and do some work or think about it cause spring is in the air. I place me second mailing in the mail late may/early april. The third one (if needed) will go out mid-April.
  8. jhastrello

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    Nice reply. What is your response rate on this type of mailing? Are you getting the type of customers that you want?

    Working on my marketing now. Our first mailing will likely go out towards the end of the month, when our 'spring fever/weather' starts up. Beautiful lately, but still pretty cold here in E. Texas at night.
  9. THC

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    You're not going to get 150 customers with 10k flyers, I bet you don't even get 25.
  10. LB1234

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    Received 13 new customers from about 4500 mailers.

    A) 1 paver landing installation and front step repair
    B) 3 mulch installations
    C) 2 lawn contract
    D) 2 lawn contract & mulch installation
    E) 1 lawn contract, mulch install, & 5-step fert program
    F) 1 lawn contract, mulch install, 5-step fert program, & aeration/overseed
    G) 1 5-step fert program & mulch install
    H) 1 lawn contract & fall leaf cleanup
    I) 1 small perennial bed install

    Of those 13 customers I received 4 new from word of mouth. Neighbors that wanted there lawns, mulch, and/or 5-step fert program peformed.

    We had one person come up to us due to our uniforms. Landed a half day job from her. Another took our number off our truck and we landed another half day job from that.

    Needless to say we did very well with the flyers last year.

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