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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by AI Inc, May 16, 2008.

  1. AI Inc

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    Well both of my 521,s are old and now dead. Bought a 521A yesterday. Used it once and told the guys , "dont throw away that box , this thing is going back" In all reality it dosnt look like it would last 1 season. Anyone else try the A yet?
  2. Have a 521 but what is the 521A? Got a link. You can get your 521s repaired. i think the 521 has been phased out by Greenlee and they have a new product in its place that uses D Cell batteries.
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    I know we had PM'd about me selling one of my 521s. But I think I'm going to kind of trade one for the remote my other landscaper buddy was to sell me. It is having a few issues anyway. Needs new headphones for one.
  4. If you buy Radio Shack hdphones for the 521 here is a rule for the general population. Be sure and get MONO headphones.
  5. DanaMac

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    Gotcha. thanks.

    I think we are not really "trading" the 521 for the remote, as we are just allowing each other to keep it and use it. And if either one needs it back, they can have it. This landscaper has really been great to work with. My company has pretty much been his service department for 10 years now. Once the rush is over, we do some other things for them as well - plumbing taps, install controllers, manifolds, for some of their installs. I've done a couple lighting installs, and some lighting troubleshootting and repairs from other companies he's had install. :)
  6. irrig8r

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    The 521A is the Greenlee/ Tempo version of the Pro-Tech 600.

    It's the one with the longer wand and uses 8 D cell batteries.

    Tempo copied all the Pro-Tech features.

    Pro-Tech was started by folks who used to work for PEI and were laid off after Greenlee acquired them and changed the name to Tempo.

    You can get a new Pro-Tech 600 for about 500 bucks. You can sometimes get a refurbished one from them for less. They have an ebay store too.

    If you call the customer service number on their website you'll probably be talking directly to Bruce, the CEO/ owner/ co-founder as I understand it.
  7. AI Inc

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    Yes supply house said they will rebuild 521,s for $125 plus parts. Sent em both in.

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