72 dead immigrants

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by FIMCO-MEISTER, Aug 25, 2010.

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    C'mon now, you aren't really going to say that a drunk driver is less dangerous than a stoned driver, are you?

    Stoners are stupid (that's my biggest issue with pot, actually, it makes you dumb and OK with being that way) but they are nowhere near as dangerous as drunks.

    I think alcohol abuse is a much bigger problem than mj abuse. I hear about drunk drivers killing people all the time on the news, I rarely here about drivers under the influence of drugs doing the same.
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    MJ does not make you stupid. I have a long time friend who smokes daily. He holds 2 degrees and knows everything about everything. He smokes and reads. He is a welder/fabricator and holds 12 patents. Responsible stoners are productive because it actually helps them focus. MJ gets a bad rap because many losers use it as well and those are the idiots on cops. I live in a wealthy town and there is plenty of MJ use here. Among my circle of friend going way back to highschool, the losers are the drunks, not the stoners.
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    "Dave's not here, man."
  4. You've been smoking too much yourself.

    Two beers doesn't make one a drunk driver. I'm not disputing the harms of alcohol. That doesn't mean we rationalize mj as being okay either.
    In most cases stoners are drunks as well but many drunks are not stoners.
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    so based on an opinion you have insulted me twice. You are obviously a drunk in denial. More then 1 drink every hour makes you impaired.
  6. When you pulled that I'm a former Republican turned Democrat crap I read everything you say as BS.
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    what? I am a registered R. Who is smoking what?
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    are you having fun, Fimco? ;)
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    mainly the supply

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