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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Rainman7, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. Rainman7

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    Anyone here ever think about picking up and moving their co. to a different state to do irrigation? I am considering it but nervous about leaving all the contacts I have established over the years with landscapers,builders,ect..
    Has anyone here actually done it or thought about doing it?
  2. Yeah. I thought about it all the time but never did it. The grass is always greener somewhere else. (I understand it's really green on a peninsula next to the octopus infested puget sound) I'm curious about a few things and then I'll give my .02 worth.
    How old are you and how long have you been in business?
    Have you developed some bad business practices or customers you are having trouble dealing with?
    Where do you want to move?
  3. Search my threads...I did it 5 years ago and I still look back and get upset with myself for leaving a good situation to take a chance...HOWEVER...if you are moving for the right reasons and you ago somewhere you like better.....it is always a good move.

    I am in year 3 starting over and the snowball has started to roll downhill.....and I'm pushing it.

    Good luck.
  4. Flow Control

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    We just finished our business plan for another location in 2008 that is out of state. I am excited to see if it is going to work out.
  5. DanaMac

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    To be very honest, I would love a fresh start. I would love to get out of this business. BUT at this point, this is all I really know, all I've done for 15 years, and don't have a huge passion or interest for anything else. If I get rid of this business at some point, I want to move into a completely different field. Not just another aspect of this industry.
  6. I will give you $5 per service call done for life......
  7. DanaMac

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    Here's the problem with that.... let's say you average 6 calls a day. That icludes days where you get 8-10 easy ones, and the days you get 3 long drag on jobs. So 6 a day... how many of those would actually be from me, when you have your stream of clients as well. You would also lose many because the three of us can't keep up at this point with the calls, and at this point one of my guys is temp, and one may leave if I were to sell. So lets say you did even 3 a day that were mine, and I got $15 a day, $45 a week, or $1350 a year figuring 30 weeks. Give or take a few numbers. Worth it for me? Not likely. At least not now. But, we'll talk more later on. I'm not at that point yet, nothing to fall into for another job.

    Other option is for me to become more in charge of running the biz, which I'd prefer to do anyway, but would need more techs. I am getting a shop next week to try and start separating the home from the biz. Good place for Friday Afternoon Club with a few beers. Close to suppliers, interstate, and my mom (gives me a reason to see her more).
  8. No thanks on the job idea...

    I'll pay you $1000 per month to forward your phone to mine.....for 5 years....let me figure out how to do the work....you know I can ;)
  9. And btw....if I was giving you 5 per service call per day for life......that could really add up......

    I figure your company is 3 full time techs....mine is 1.5 soon to be 2....that is 5 techs.....x 6 per day......only 12 calls per day are mine.....the other 18 are yours.....18x5=90 per day for life....too late, I changed my mind ;)
  10. Rainman7

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    from NY
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    19 Years

    The only bad business practice would probably be rushing. My one crew does about 180 installations a year(9 months) then there is 3 months of no work-no money. No, I'm not plowing...I refuse to work 15 hrs. a day during the season then push snow at 3AM during the winter. I'm tired of that cycle.
    Another thing is the competition. Competition is fine but on Long Island, we compete with companies owned by guys with 6 months exp. There is no irrigation license yet only restricted plumbing license required and it is extremely rare that anyone would check or question it. There are over 600 irrigation companies on Long Island besides all the landscapers,fireman,cops ect. that do it on the side....to say the least we definitely cant get $1500 a zone:laugh:

    I would like to stay along the east coast but not as far south as FL.

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