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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by londonrain, Dec 10, 2007.

  1. So I snapped a few pictures today for your enjoyment ...

    Installing a 1" irrigation meter...

    1" soft k copper line excavated....

    Shut off tool used for stopping the flow by crimping the copper closed.
    section of copper cut out and ready for the flares....
    1" backflow preventer with 1" flared fitting and a 1"copper service line plus a pic of a 1" Ford curb stop...

    Water company mandates that the meter are 5' apart and since the service line came in at an angle , I had too get creative on the connection...

    Water meter was the morning project and Repair 1 1/2" main line leaks at a 116 home community we are starting to maintain. These pictures are the forth and fifth main line leaks we have repaired in the last 3 weeks.

    first pic of a leaking bell fitting.

    I cut the 18/7.....No that is not blue glue it is purple primer....:cry:

    Looks like this was a leak in the past since I did find a leaking 1 1/2" slip fix....

    end of the day....
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    Those don't look like waterproof wire connectors to me.
  3. irrig8r

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    Guess I couldn't tell from that distance. I used to use the blue ones with the white grease until I discovered them cracked and split on jobs where they were above ground (exposed to sun). That was about 3 years after installation.

    Before that I was using the tan or blue ones with the brownish grease, but i found water entered too easily.

    Now I only use the black/white, black/gray and black/blue. Almost always use Dry Conn for irrigation (sometimes I use Sure Splice for underground, http://www.suresplice.com/ ) and sometimes for LV lighting too.
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    BTW, nice work on that copper pipe. That's the kind of tool the water company uses here. Contractors aren't technically allowed to touch their meters or take responsibility for the consequences when the older ones break.

    So, they'll gladly come out and turn the water off for us to install shutoffs or backflow preventers because it means customers/ contractors mess with their meters less often.
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  6. It is a little dead here. I don't have much going interesting. Had a great pic of a 6" valve box in a newly poured concrete pad but forgot the camera. i'm exploring options on next year. I really want to blow up the business and rebuild it with modern technology to streamline things to make adding service guys easier and cut my office time down. Also looking for another service truck. Had a call on my new yard sign from an old business acquaintance (Landscape Architect) who wants to offer water conservation upgrades as a part of his Landscape package. Shelled out 750.00 on Henry's van to take care of various issues. Weather got a little nasty. JWingfield referred a customer my way that looks like they want the full package of what I'm passionate about.

    Have you done this:
    I have a job with a 25 year old DCVA. The GV closest to the meter has dropped and not letting water flow through. Cheap solution for customer is to disassemble GV remove gate and reassemble. Also makes the DCVA uncheckable which is irrelevant here since DCVAs are never checked. More than likely this DCVA doesn't even work anymore. I'll take a 1"DCVA out there and give them a price on replacing but I don't want to scare them away from upgrading the system.
  7. I check 20+year old Backflows that have never been tested and 95% of them pass the test.... if they fail the test I then flip the seals and then they pass the test
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    I just did 2.5 days worth of outdoor lighting troubleshooting and repairing and lamp replacements. I haven't done any lighting in a few years so I was little rusty. But, it kept me a little busy.

    Still getting random calls for blow outs!! :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:

    Nice to just sit home and watch it snow.....
  9. How do you feel about removing a gate? Not the whole gate but the internal part that is jambed in the off position. In theory it could still be checked by shutting down the meter and they still have two shutoffs upstream for emergencies?

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