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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by londonrain, Jul 4, 2007.

  1. I have a problem with a add-a-zone doubler that is in a controller with 40+ zones. The add-a-zone wires are hooked to zones #10 and #11 in the controller. When I turn on zone #10, both #10 & #11 fire at the same time then when I turn on #11, only zone #11 will fire.

    Does anyone know if this is a sign that the add-a-zone doubler needs replacing? I checked all the wiring on the add-a-zone at the controller and in the valve boxes and all looks correct for the add-a-zone. The add-a-zone was installed in 2003...
  2. LR I've installed about a lot of ADD A ZONEs (not the DOUBLER) and never had one fail. I'll be interested to know what is happening.
  3. Peter this is the add a zone. We call it a doubler since it only uses the one field wire even though it might not be an actual doubler. Looking for some failure signs or common problems with the add a zone.
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    Have never used the Add-A-Zone but have had bad experiences with the Doubler.
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    I might be mistaken but don't you need three stations for a doubler? I thought you needed two good terminals on the end and one empty/jumper zone in the middle.
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    Try splitting the wiring at the controller. With the Doubler you needed a delay or gap between operations of the zones. So one would need to do one of two things.

    1. Have a gap between the zones at the wire to zone #10 & #12
    This allows the doubler a rest time to reset itself for the next watering.

    2. Wire to a single station and reprogram the controller. ie.. reduce all zones not affected by the doubler by 50%. Leave the doubler zone at 100%. Then use two start times. When it is all said and done everything gets watered 100%.

    Other than that, your Add-a-zone may have gone titzup.
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    On The Doubler this is true but I don't know about the Add-A-Zone as I've never used it. Can't seem to find a company URL either that might shed some light on the issue with instructions.

    We discontinued using The Doubler because it was unreliable even if you followed the instructions to the tee, even with another zone between the doubled zones and a jumper properly wired. It would hang up quite often and God forbid if you had incompatible zones doubled, i.e. a field zone running for say 45 minutes and a spray zone running for say 8-10 minutes.
  8. Add a zone doesn't need the delay. It works different than the doubler. we keep one in both service trucks at all times. I've had many positive results using it.
  9. Steve in reviewing ADD A ZONE literature I noticed under life expectancy they list 50,000 operations. So it does eventual quit working.
  10. Thanks for all the input on the add a zone. I double checked the wiring making sure #1 was hooked up first on the controller then # 2 was next in line. I ended up replacing the add a zone today with a new unit and it worked the way it should. Looks like the original failed. Thanks again all......

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