Advantage in using 100% non-ethanol fuel in truck

Discussion in 'Alternative Fuel Forum' started by Tn Turf, Jul 17, 2014.

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    For those who have vehicles that uses regular fuel, who here runs 100% non-ethanol?

    Do you get an increase in MPG and performance? I've read online one guy increased his MPG, and while paying more for non-ethanol, he said he actually saves in between fill ups. That's HUGE!

    Anyone else do this?
  2. The issue isn't better horse power or millage, but how ethanol will screw up fuel pumps, those kind of components.

    Driving highway miles, whether it was CA special formulation gas or gas from Little Rock, I still pulled the same gas milage more or less except for TX,AZ, CA and NM where the speed limit 75mph. Strangely I got an extra 3 mpg in these areas. When you're doing a 2400 mile trip, saving a penny here and there ads up on a trip like that.

    CA probably has the worst formulated gas besides being expensive. When I drive from north to south and vice versa, I get the same kind of mpg as I do when driving in other states where I can find non-ethanol gas.
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    I use 89 and stabil, owners manuals recommend 89 on just about everything now anyways, never had a issue I frequently keep fuel filters changed when they turn orange.

    Of course you will get 1,000 different opinions why you should use it but I use enough gas as it is def. not paying another dollar and change for so called 100% gas
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    No difference in mpg here. It was a decent difference years ago but now it seems to be the same. Still try to fill up At the end of the year with non E also during the year with 93 octane non E for handhelds.
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    Oh yeah, non-ethonal is only .30 cents/gal more here from ethonal gas. I didn't realize it can be upwards a $1 higher per gal.
  6. southerntide

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    I live in small town even the larger ones further away gas can be 3.30 then a 1/2mile down 3.59 another half mile 3.70+ lol

    There's only 1 store near me with it
  7. Come to CA... same refineries, same branded gas, can see anywhere from 15 to even 1.50 difference.

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