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  1. brettmc

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    What methods of advertising do you guys find works best for you? Also, when do you do your heaviest advertising?

  2. lawncare3

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    I use fliers. I put them out about march 1st- april 1st.

    The reason I do this is because I can get them right b4 the season starts so I can get the in to a remberance stage. I would give them ou indecember/jan but, people just tend to loose them. I like to put them out more than once so they know you mean business.
  3. PR0 TURF

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    Yellow pages work well also...they advertise year round for you. Also advertise with signs left in peoples yards after we complete a job.
  4. brettmc

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    I'm a part-timer. I have 8 accounts that I service after work during the summer and need to pick up about 4-6 more. Yellow Pages are too expensive and it would bring too many calls!! The flyer idea sounds pretty good. Any other ideas?
  5. PR0 TURF

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    Call your current customers and tell them that you'll give them one free mowing for each neighbor of theres that they can get to sign on with you. If that works you'll be making less stops and mowing more...reducing your commuting time.
  6. brettmc

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    Has anyone tried putting a small "sign on a stick" at the entrances to neighborhoods?

  7. lawncare3

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    Yes, but they always get stolen. :mad:
  8. Brett

    Spend some money. Put out a few thousand flyers. and maybe d some direct mailing about $300.00 for 10,000 homes

    I know you said you are looking for 6-8 more custmers
    but you can mo 5 customers after work each day

    plus you have weekends
    spend some money get more customers
    quit your job when you have enough customers to pay your self what you were making
  9. ralph7

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    have found that door hangers have increased my results by over 100% compaired to using flyers. i found a company that is cheapest in the country call them 18006163407
  10. Mike Bradbury

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    Can you give us some more info?

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