1. CharlotteOutdoorImpact

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    Any body know much about this... I think its Humic acid... Can it replace core areation? With the drought down here a core job will be very hard with the ground being completely hardened. If this liquid works, cant you just get the main ingredient? Humic acid?

    Just some general questions...I am new at this, so this may sound stupid to some.....;)
  2. CharlotteOutdoorImpact

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    I am sure it cant replace core areation, But can it work for a year and produce simialar results?
  3. CharlotteOutdoorImpact

    CharlotteOutdoorImpact LawnSite Senior Member
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    I was just wanting anyones input..Does this work?? at all??
  4. Kiril

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    How about a valid link?
  5. sclawndr

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    Are you looking at a product called Aerify by NaturesLawn.com? If so, forget about it. The product is basically soap. As a surfactant it might have some use but won't do anything for the lawn in the way of aeration. All of these products are a scientifically shaky but given that, one of the better ones can be found at - www.superbio.com
  6. DSTC

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    You are talking about a "soil conditioner". These products are controversial in the lawn care industry, but have been used for many years in agriculture. We are currently doing some testing with some organic products, one of which is a soil conditioner pretty much exactly like Aerify.

    Here is a link for Aerify.

    Here is a link to some research done on Arizona "common" bermuda grass.

    Some people will say these products aren't worth using. Some will of course tell you that it can replace aeration. Through my own trials and research, I do not believe that it can replace core aeration.

    I also however, do not believe that the products are useless, because I have personally seen visual results from their use in both lawns and agriculture(although I have never used Aerify, but have used soil conditioners). Over use of these products can have adverse results, as can the over use of any product including fertilizers, chemicals and even water.

    Most of them also contain ionic and nonionic surfactants.

    My suggestion would be to try it for yourself on a test site(like your home lawn), and see what the results are like before going and promoting it for your business. I would not suggest using this in place of aeration, but rather in addition to it.

    Thanks for the link sclawndr. Those products look like they are worth looking into. :)
  7. CharlotteOutdoorImpact

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    Thanks, thats exactly what I was talking about... Sorry I didnt have the link. I thought maybe everyone would know what I was refering to. I had a feeling the natures way product wasnt very good. I will eventually get into this and try it on my own lawn and note the impact. Thanks to all who responded....:waving:
  8. sclawndr

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    The theory behind the soil conditioners is good. Whether the products actually work or not is a different story. I have about 10% of my customers on it and everyone swears they see a difference. Thing is almost all of them are also getting everything else - aeration, lime, etc - so it's hard to point to the soil conditioner as the most responsible factor.

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