Alaska super storm

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  1. Maybe our one irrigator on this forum who lives in Alaska will give us more details. Hopefully he got his blowouts done in August. Fortunately it travels N-NE. Hate to see what would happen if a Bering Sea super storm met a Gulf of Mexico hurricane.

    Smokin Joe was a helluva boxer.

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    I was reading about that this morning. Looks massive. 80+ MPH winds. I really hope we get hammered here in CO this year.
  3. On another note I was watching Morning Joe (slowly becoming my favorite show) and they were talking about the increase in major storms around the world. Something like 18 and that is in a weak hurricane year.
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    It's a snowacaine!!!!!
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    Who's the one Alaskian one the forum?

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  7. .....................

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    Idiots are too busy ordering remote pigtails..... :p
  9. You just never learn. By the way stick a fork in Rick Perry. monumental youtube for years gaffe tonight. I thought Newt was the best and brightest.
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    I lose track of all the gaffes. Let's write in Rotar for prez. :)

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