An Era Of Deficits

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  1. In addition to a water deficit I read an article worth passing on about the world unfunded liability deficit. In some ways watching our water supply dwindle and the hard choices being made that affect our livelihoods is much like watching our country and the world heading for a financial crisis. I'm convinced that the only way this is ever going to be resolved is through a revolution and the ensuing default of every country's debt obligations.

    If this gets moved to the political section then I will not be commenting further.
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  3. Go count glaciers. Not surprised our preeminent New York socialist would downplay economics that don't subsidize his selfish wants.
  4. Wet_Boots

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    I will worry when there's a beer deficit.
  5. I'm sure Chuckie Schumer can slip anything in you want Boots. I'll be glad when Texas and New York come to blows so we can show what lazy welfare slobs you guys have become.
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    I would be more concerned with a maple syrup defecit long before beer.
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    Canada will have some to spare, no doubt. Stuff's getting expensive.
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    I've still got great grandpappy's confederate money buried out back at the home place :)
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    Time to finish off what Fight Club started.

    Erase the debt and start back at 0.

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