ants that don't get the hint

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by mngreenguy, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. mngreenguy

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    i'm having problems getting ant's to go away they are in my front yard and between the slabs in my concrete driveway possible pavement ant. I've tried a few different brands of ant killer spectrum spray and granuals was the last. Am i going about this wrong? Is there something i can do to make my yard/soil less enticing for these annoying lawn killers.

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  2. Think Green

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    Temperature fluctuations, moisture changes and or excessive rains will cause most soil dwelling ants populations to move the colony. They will look for higher, drier, safer ground to recolonize and move the eggs. Some ants heard aphids, and use the nectar from aphid sap. There is a reason the ants are on the move, weather changes,etc.
    Keep away from those granules......................we have never had any results, unless you triple shot the whole lawn. You must follow the label and water in the product after application to dissolve the product from the carrier. The carrier is either clay, nutshells,other natural products.
    Llambda Cyhalethrin
    These products are very usefull and will control the ant colonies.

    Look into these names and do some label reading and see what you feel is the best for your home. Be carefull of the animals and children when considering the use of the products that do not contain permethrin or bifenethrin. Be considerate of the bee populations and beneficial insects that may be in or around your lawn. Ants are another part of the ecosystem that follow a food chain.

    Setting aside....................once they enter my house, they are dead without thinking about it!!
  3. bx24

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    I have used talstar / wisdom (Bifen) with good luck for these issues.
  4. mngrassguy

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    I've had good luck with granular Sevin. I also use Crosscheck (Bifen) from John Deere Landscapes applied with a backpack sprayer. Where in Mn are you located?
  5. gunsnroses

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    depending on the ant type....but bait is the only way to be sure and kill the queen. Soil drench try orthene
  6. mngreenguy

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    thanks guys for the advice i'll do some reading on those products,

    i'm in fridley
  7. mngrassguy

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    Friendly Fridley. You can get Bifen at Reinder's in Brooklyn Center or Cross Chech at John Deere Landscapes in Medina.
  8. mngreenguy

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    thanks for the tip i'll head over there this weekend
  9. mngreenguy

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    hey dug up some ant hills today, what are these white deals?

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    I have read your question and all the Replies. My best advice is to call a real or professional Pest Control company because, when you have a problem pest the FIRST THING is to ID that pest. Protocol will give you a control strategy

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