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any suggestions?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by nubbie, Mar 27, 2002.

  1. nubbie

    nubbie LawnSite Member
    Posts: 19

    I have got a friend of the family that wants his front yard redone. The yard is 1568 sq/ft, has good ph balance, very lumpy and un-even and brown patches are everywhere. The problems with this job is that he has a sewer in the middle of the yard and Funk has already applied pre-emerge w/first application. I have some thoughts, but I was wondering what everyone else would do and charge?

    Green Side Up
  2. nubbie

    nubbie LawnSite Member
    Posts: 19

    Does anyone have any ideas I will see this guy for the holiday's and I need some suggestions on what to tell him.
  3. stslawncare

    stslawncare LawnSite Bronze Member
    from DE
    Posts: 1,484

    what exactly do u want to do to it? whats the ground like? charge by the hour
  4. totallpm

    totallpm LawnSite Member
    from Utah
    Posts: 50

    Dont do work for family

  5. Kent Lawns

    Kent Lawns LawnSite Senior Member
    from Midwest
    Posts: 870

    A agree, don't make it a habit to work for family.

    Step 1:
    Communicate to him that your friendship is FAR more important to you than the business.

    Step 2:
    If he still wants to go forward (and agrees NOT to let any job jeopordize your friendship) I'd suggest the following:

    Step 3:
    Kill the existing grass
    Bring in some topsoil to grade
    Slit-seed in 3rd generation Kentucky Bluegrass blend.
    Follow-up with fertilizer and watering instructions.
  6. cantoo

    cantoo LawnSite Silver Member
    Posts: 2,910

    I would spray it, til it,level it, sod it, rool it and walk away.

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