Anyone else have this problem?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MikeKle, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. MikeKle

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    When we are blowing the driveways clear after mowing, grass that is under the truck and trailer or customers vehicles is very hard to blow out!I dont understand this as anywhere else the blowers will usually blow it between 8 and 12 ft. We use Echo handheld blowers,I thought about switching to backpacks,but I dont know if that would make a difference? Someone once told me the air gets "trapped" underneath vehicles thus not blowing the grass out to the other side.It is annoying to have to move the truck and then get out and blow again!
  2. APV's Mowing

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    try comming from behind the truck then blowing towrds the front, then go along one side and go back adn forth like 2-3 times then just go to the other side and blow from the front to back towrds the outside and then just go around once more and that works for me
  3. APV's Mowing

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    by the way i use the same blower as you too
  4. TLS

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    Backpack guys.

    You need backpack blowers.

    Never had this problem, but can see the week handhelds causing this.
  5. DFLS

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    I have 5 letters for you -- BR600
  6. 44DCNF

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    If you use a round tube end switch to a flat nozzle. If you don't have the flat nozzle just get lower with the blower so the air isn't deflecting up under the cars, and go a little slower as you walk around the car.
  7. Scagguy

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    No kidding. That will fix the problem for sure.
  8. Ocalalawns

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    I used the Echo handheld for three years. I finally switched to the Echo pb603 back-pac. What a difference, more cfm and power. The wet grass is even easier to remove from drives. I wished I had started out with the back pac it would have saved alot of time.
  9. saw man

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    I see 2 letters and 3 numbers! Am I missing something? ;)
  10. Juan_Deere

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    I have a Stihl BG85 and have noticed the same thing. I just can't see putting on and taking off a backpack blower so often. Can they be used without wearing them? Does anyone do that? Carry them instead of strapping it on?

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