Arboretum project day one

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  1. I've got too much to do for a long one finger typed explanation of all this so I'll just post pics. The most interesting thing for a dinky pipe person like me is the controller room. Notice the lone pigtail? We installed that. I'm going to introduce the Arboretum to remotes. The pressure on this job is 117psi and no Mike it's not for sale. They have a mixing system for maintaining the acidity in the soil for all the azaleas and acid loving plants.





  2. More pics:

    The first two are the office I confiscated for the day. Like my view? One of Henry portraying an "Irrigator Monkey in the Mist" They have a misting system that kicks on at 1000 psi. Finally the whole layout. Today I'm hoping we get all the pipe laid, heads in, nozzled, and ET monitor installed.





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    Best Pics ever...

    do you both wear pants? That must get hott in tejas....

    RP-Strikes again!!!!and i like it....

    have a good day Fimco Pigtails
  4. I guess a few more pics won't drive anybody nuts. One valve is a RB PE so we are going to gut it and make it a PEB so we can put a PRS Reg on it. They tag their valves. A damn drain line is in our ditch path. The scapers tore it up with a dingo. Wasn't working worth a flip anyway. Finally they dragged an Agave to a new spot. The only plant salvaged from the previous bed.





  5. Trivia for newbies...

    Why do folks wind the excess wire around a screwdriver or scrap piece of pipe and make the neato curley q's in the valve box?
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    Some don't... they use the 'compressed ball' method..wad it up and stomp the lid down.
  7. know as welll as I do it isn't just for neatness...lets see if they know...
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    The real question is, do any of them wind a coil of wire and slide a length of pipe over the foot-long coil they just wound, and lay the whole shebang alongside the pipe in the trench? (and how much distance between valve boxes makes this an advisable step)
  9. And at corners in the trench......
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    Of course, if the whole project is pulled poly pipe, then you have to give some thought to locating valve boxes.

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