Are the threads on 2" MA getting shorter?

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  1. I don't deal with many 2" valves so when I run into one it usually requires a supply house trip. This valve was repaire a year ago and the customer could not get the previous company out and got my name from a neighbor. It was leaking between the MA and valve. Did not notice an apparent crack. Could not get the MA out with two large pipe wrenches so I think they glued it in. When I bought a new 2" MA the threads seemed shorter than I remembered. After screwing it in I noticed the MA threads don't make it all the way to the bottom of the valve threads. In retrospect I wish I had used sch 80 TOE. On another note is a supply house gripe. Went to a company I have used for years that has moved to a new location the locals will know as Tarna. Five contractors waiting for service. One guy at the counter who was lousy at his job. Waited one minute walked out drove 5 miles to JDL on Willowbrook was in and out in 5 minutes. I'm as loyal as anybody on earth can possibly be to local Texas owned companies but their are limits.
    These pics are of the 2"valve I cut out and where it was leaking from.


  2. Have you ever tried to use a hair drier for frozen plastic ma to valve connections? Of course not pratical if valves aren't located close to an electrical source.

    I have in the past used this technique. Same thing as using a torch on frozen\rusted galvanized pipe. It has worked for me in the past. Old time plumber taught me this.
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    Peter, I hear you. And I know exactly what u are talking about. Awesome company, I am buying all my stuff from them now (you convinced me) but I was there the other day for 1hr 15min to pick up a lighting order I called in the night before. :-\

    "Capital" is alot friendlier in my mind.
  4. Never did say what brand it was for the MA.

    I had a similar problem with Lasco MA & hunter valves,but with 3/4".

    Apparently, the answer from the rep was to use Spears MA's to solve the problem. Could be the same issue your problem. My problem also was the MA was not threading all the way inside(no gap between ma and valve) like I'm use to. Could be that they did switch the length of thread available in the valve itself which I think is the problem. When I use a threaded valve, I now use toe nipples also.

    Thanks Hayes.

  5. Yes it was LASCO. Forgot to mention that.
  6. I hate that new location John. Other location wasn't that great but this is the most screwed up counter situation I have ever seen in my 27 years in business. I wish they would put a bell at the counter just to let the higher ups know how many people are waiting for service. It is arranged so counter people can hide from customers. I just hate it. Henry won't even go in there anymore.
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    I'm not a fan at all. Its two guys at the irrigation counter, and three guys at the lawn equipment counter, (ive seen two people buy lawn stuff there out of the 5 times ive been there this month).

    its nice inside, and the office area is great, so is the teaching room. But shoot, half the time i'm covered in mud, I feel like im gonna mess the place up.
  8. So this brings up another issue, is LASCO trying to change the standards or is the respective valve manufacture changing things?

    Is it an issue of market share\price?

    Comparing the Spears to Lasco MA, the Spears does seem longer.
  9. Also the original valve that leaked was a Hunter. I replaced with a RB but the MA was still short on the valve threads. I think the only solution is to use sch 80 TOE.
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    How about something like this?


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