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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Rainman7, Mar 16, 2008.

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    As far as ET goes, is there any general consensus as to which system is considered more accurate,better, easier to work with?

    I have a commercial customer interested and he currently has 3 SRC timers installed one with 3 zones one with 4 and one with 6. Might not seem like much but each zone uses about 180 gpm so they are starting to think about trying to conserve. The system currently gets monitored by the maint. dept. that considers the lawn dry unless they hear that squish sound when they walk on it.:laugh:

    I have no exp with ET so I will probably tend to go twords the Hunter sys. Any ideas?
  2. As far as cost goes the Weathermatic smart line controller is about the cheapest....The Hunter is a little more expensive than a WM...Rain Bird charges a fee and does not have on-site weather monitoring and uses a service...
  3. Tom Tom

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    There is no charge fo Rainbirds ET service.
  4. Since when? They charge here.
  5. Rain Bird Et gets its ET from Weather Reach Signal Providers , last I checked it is a fee to get such info...
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    Well, The Rainbird Rep told me it was free, so thats not saying much :drinkup:
  7. It seems that some Weather Reach Signal Providers for the Rain bird ET charge a fee and some don't. I see that in Colorado the water companies provide the signal for free, however my area there is a charge for the signal...
  8. I would go with on-site ET setup rather than a signal from another location, IE: Rain Bird ET because I have seen it raining across the street and not at my house.... the nearest Rain Bird ET provider is over 90 miles way from my location...
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    Last I looked into it the nearest monitoring station to me for the Rain Bird system was over 300 miles away :dizzy:
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    For commercial, can't get any better than Calsense.

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