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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Brieldo, Jul 8, 2002.

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    I'm one of hte many people on this site taht has a John Deere JX series mower. It has a trailing rubber shield that is "supposed" to help in keeping your feet, etc, out of the blades. I was thinking. What would happen if I took a piece of 1/2 in rebar or something equivilant and attached it to that rubber shield for use as a striping kit. What do you guys think? If you were to attach it, what means would you use? Also, when you pull the mower toward you backwards, the shield goes under the mower sometimes. It doesnt get in the blades, but goes under where the drive system is. How would you see the rebar interferring with that?

  2. GLS

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    I too am looking for a way to attatch something to that rubber flap. I experimented with a flat metal bar and temperarely clipped it to the flap and drove it across the yard. It seemed to work pretty well, but I don't know how to permanetely attatch it. I was thinking maybe a little bolt through the two?

    I don't think it should interfere with anything as long as it doesn't overlap the flap.
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    I don't think a piece of rebar would provide great results, not alot of weight... I have heard guys use bricks on the back, then you run into the reverse problem... I think the best way is to remove the flap and secure a stiff strip of rubber about 4" wide that runs the width of the mower. Mount it flushwith the back of the deck in the vertical position and so that the rubber "sweeps" the grass down, but not so far down it provides to much drag. Secure with machine screws, bolts if you want to use exsisting holes... Now this flap is stationary, wont go underneath, provides great results and is sorta ofa guard.

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