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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by londonrain, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. I talked with one of Cross Connection Control Coordinators last week about the number of known backflow Devices that need testing in my area. He said they know of 32,000 devices that need testing on their water system and he is one of three water systems in my area.
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    Sounds good for you. How much do they enforce testing in your region? They're just starting a program here, where all new systems need a testable assembly, and it all goes into a database, then everyone has to have a test done every year (they'll mail out the test forms annually). Not sure what the fine is for disobeying, but knowing how the purveyor here operates, they'll definitely be looking to enforce the bylaw fairly strictly (sounds good for me).
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    Backflow testing is one of my pet peeves. I support the idea of testing but here in Dallas the don't have the guts to test existing and older backflows. only test new ones. They aren't the problem we still have 50 year old single checks in the ground. I could go on and on on this subject but I'll leave it at that.
    Which reminds me of my favorite bad joke.
    Where do you send someone who goes on and on?

    Alon & on& on &on& on
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    No enforcement here either. It's ok with me because I would just assume go on a repair call anyway than to be doing a bunch of 75.00 backflow tests. All I ever get is people calling around for the cheapest test price. :laugh:
  5. The Water company will lock your water meter if not tested. I have tested 10 in the past week plus two more to do tomorrow. Went to test one today and they did not have one, so I will install one on Friday.
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    London is that testing of new backflows or is everybody required to get yearly testing?
  7. This year they are requiring that all known backflows be tested.
  8. Most of my backflow tests are less than a 10 mile drive. They send out the notices in the same part of town/area so I line them up. I charge $45 for a back flow test just so I can get their future irrigation repair work..:clapping: I picked up three new customers this week.
    On Monday I tested 5 backflows and a service call in less than an hour and a half.
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    My guess is that when they get nasty about backflow testing in Dallas it is going to cause the BIGGEST boom in irrigation service. Every service guy in town is going to be backed up for months replacing DCAs. Since they are all below ground in jumbo boxes it makes my back hurt just thinking about it. If they put me in charge I would require every home being listed for sale to get a backflow check and deal with it then. it would smooth out the demand.
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    And then all the whiny babies that had to replace their backflow preventor call their city councilman and raise holy heck with them about why the city is making them pay for this when there has not ever been a problem. That is why enforcement is not more rigid.

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