Battery operated timer

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by SprinklerGuy, Jun 3, 2006.

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    DIGit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :laugh:

    DIG 7001a.jpg
  2. Hunter rep said the SVC will work with the Rainbird valves....what did you base your answer on She? WAG?

    I void the warranty the minute I cut the hunter solenoids off...but who cares...

    The reason I don't want to do any of the things suggested....the temporary because I want my client to have a product that she can use for awhile....once the sod is established I don't want to remove my temporary fix.

    I want her to get what she pays for.....if I really wanted an easy out, I would just show her how to run it manually....sheesh.

    Thanks guys....
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    And to think I was just getting started. I've collected all these neat pictures of all types of battery operated timers/controllers to share. :p
  4. Don't waste the bandwidth....but thanks anyway.

    The SVC works fine.....bought the 4 station great, easy to program and works w/ RB latching solenoids....

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    I've been pleased with the Hunter WVC which is basically the same controller but programmed via RF with the radio programmer. No more having to get into the box to set the controller.

    We still have two remaining TBOS controllers in the district but they'll be converted to WVCs by the end of summer.

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