Berm me up, Scotty

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by PurpHaze, Jul 3, 2007.

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    Work order yesterday on sprinkler not rotating. Once I saw on the order where it was located I told my helper that the berm got it. He was quite perplexed until we got out there. I had home court advantage because this is about the fourth time in the past 10 years I've had to replace this particular sprinkler. :)

    BTW... Once I sent these pics to the boss he initiated a work order to have our guys go out with the equipment and remove the berm next week.

    Royal Oaks Zone A-2 7-2-07 IV-01.jpg

    Royal Oaks Zone A-2 7-2-07 IV-02.jpg

    Royal Oaks Zone A-2 7-2-07 IV-03.jpg

    Royal Oaks Zone A-2 7-2-07 IV-04.jpg
  2. What creates the berm?
  3. Dirty Water

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    Berm Badgers
  4. PurpHaze

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    Weedeating and kids just displacing it. Sand isn't permitted in play boxes any longer here but this one is grandfathered. Animals use it too easily as poopy boxes, broken glass can become a problem and the sand really compacts quite hard. Alternative fillers have to be used and the common one in our area is "softfall" which is nothing more than clean, treated, non-jagged bark. It's main drawback is "doggie vomit" mold (harmless) that can occur if the bark gets too wet for too long. :)
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    What... no URL??? :)
  6. Makes sense. Reminds me of the worse golf course job you can do and that is redoing the traps.
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    i second being trap master is a summer long of hot dusty work
  8. By the way Purp and DW I hope you guys have a good fourth. I just got back from Kroger and they are having a major meat sale. Brisket for .99/lb. So I bought 80 dollars of various meats and two different types of wheat beer. (No Naties on the fourth) Will be smoking meat all day if you guys can make it. Otherwise Henry and I will just have to eat it.
  9. I don't know how it was for you but that was the job first year workers got. We'd flip off the older kids that got to work the ball washers which meant we got our faces rubbed in the sand.
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    Thanks Peter... However, I have three adult parties to attend tomorrow starting in early afternoon. One of them will have Humbolt greenery that maybe I'll try and get a secondhand smoke high from. Or... if the adult beverages get out of hand I'll just call in "sick" on Thursday. :)

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