Best place to buy Shindiawas on-line?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BAMARED, Jul 16, 2002.


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    I'm looking for a T 230, specifically.


  2. Turf Ranger

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    Maybe I just don't know how to navigate alamia's site, but I can't find any Shindiawa grass trimmers. Any ideas at what I'm doing wrong?


  4. columbiaplower

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    i dont think has Shindiawa INFACT IM ALMOST SURE THEY DON'T
    sorry about the caps
  5. rkbrown

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    I can't get any Shin stuff to come up on alamia either. Try:

    It is under the turf maintenance link (generates PDF file). Scroll down to string trimmers. The T-230 is $274.

    I believe you must call or email to order and I have no idea about shipping with them.
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  7. bob

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    I remember reading some where that Shindaiwa doesn't want internet sales, because it takes business away from the lawn dealers.
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    is it just my comptuer or does that russopower link not work? It keeps freezing up the window its in.. Odd.
  9. Alamia carries Shin but not for on line sales. you can buy them over the counter
  10. Cutter1

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    Shindaiwa banned sales on to the price you could get them for. It wasn't fair to dealers. Personally I think dealers make enough off of us, why not save a buck buying online!!!

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