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  1. I got asked to put in a bid for a t.g.i. fridays property. I know its hard when you cant see it to price it but i will explain it the best i can and any ruff idea's will help alot. I would go there once a week in the morning around 7:30 till 10 and cut alittle strip of grass around the building and keep up with the beds and there are about 30 little bushes not even knee high and a few larger one i would have to trim. He said the last guys were in and out within the 2 hours and he said they billed him for the mulch seperate. This is my first time putting in a bid so proper ways to type it up would be great too. Thank you so much for you time and answers on all of my questions. You guys really help alot!:)
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    Do you have to keep up the bushes and beds every week, bi-weekly, or monthly? About how many sq ft of grass is there to be cut? A lot of trimming work?
  3. i have to keep up with the bushes every week. I would say about 3000 sq ft of mowing but thats a ruff estimate. Its not much and for trim work i would say maybe 10 minutes
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    I would go with about $25-$35 for mowing. For the bushes I would do an hourly charge if that is possible. Other wise add like $35-$50 for the bushes. Like you said we would be able to give you a better estimate if we could see it but this should be a good estimate.
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  6. Thank you so much for the help. If I can I will try to take a picture of it and put it on here so you can atleast see the job. That sounds about right though. Anyone else that can help? Thanks

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