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  1. GCS

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    Need help bidding hospital. Estimated time 4.5 hrs three man crew. Mostly concrete and shrubs. labor cost and equipment $34.50 per hour. please help.
  2. MudslinginFX4

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    What are you going to do, do you have to cut the grass, prune the shrubs, blow the concrete? What about mulch, pinestraw etc..? How often are you going to go out there? Do you want a montly price, yearly, one time thing?
  3. tiedeman

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    How is the terrain, distance between the objects, cars/people that you have to avoid? A lot of details needed.
  4. GCS

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    Large property to be serviced on saturday(less traffic). All prices for fert mulch, color, etc. covered. Just need help with time/price for labor. Thanks for helping
  5. GCS

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    we will service 48 visits due to rye. we will mow every week and prune every week under the assumption we will have all shrubs trimmed by the end of the month
  6. BravesFan

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    Not enough information...

    how many visits? What are your total expenses per visit? Conflicting data. 4 1/2 hours...3 people every week? What materials are needed each weeK?

  7. olderthandirt

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    1 time, I would say $1300 on a weekly $900-1000
  8. GCS

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    48 visits, labor and equipment expense $34.50 per hour. I assume it will take 4.5 Hours. My total cost would be $155.25.
    I am assuming I can charge $525.00 per visit maint. and $225.00 per month for shrub trim.
  9. J Hisch

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    GCS, If your cost are 34.50 per man times 3 men= 103.50 per hr.
    times 4.5 hrs. 465.00 a week? Not much of a hospital? Something dosent seem to add up.
  10. MudslinginFX4

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    im with olderthendirt 900-1000 weekly

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