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  1. Lynch Landscaping

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    This spring I am going to have an chance to bid on the school that I used to go to, what do do you think I should charge for a 2 acre and about 30 cuts a year. Also I will have to bid on the leaf removal, which they will just let me blow them right into the woods. It would help if you could give me a price for both. Thank you
  2. Lynch Landscaping

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    Please Help
  3. sicnj

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    $80 a cut
    i don't know about the leaves don't know how much fall.
  4. 1cooltreeguy

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    How long will it take to cut, weed eat and blow, any weed controll. Charge an hourly rate - say $04 an hour. if it takes 2 men 2 hours to cut, weed eat and blow then it would be $160 per visit. times 30 visits. do the same for leaves but add dump fees for removal. Good luck
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    Don't school lots require a license and insurance to bid? Will your parents be handling this?

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