Blades Std vs. Highlift

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JPL, Mar 27, 2007.

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    I want to buy new blades for my Scags (36" & 52") walk behinds. I have been buying in the pass the standard type blades with no problems. I bag all my cuttings and I cut whether it's wet or dry.
    Now should I stay with the standard blade or high lift blade or the gator type blade. What are the feelings out there.:usflag:
  2. Jeds_Lawn_Care

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    The super high lifts are good so much suction they leave a nice stripe.
  4. gene gls

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    You need to experement to see what works best on your properties. You might not have enough power to run the Super High Lifts on your mowers. Different brands of blades are also made different. As far as I am concerened, Gator type blades are worthless in my area.
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    Gator blades. I've found the cheapest place is All I run is gator blades and thats what have worked the best for me no matter what the conditions.
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