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  1. mikeymike

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    Anyone order blades over the net? If so, what sites do you use??
    I have the problem of my snapper 36" WB leaving a line of uncut grass. I am wondering if maybe the blades are actually an inch or so too short? I got the mower from my brother and it has gator blades on it now. Going over each pass twice is getting very time consuming......

    from AL
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    Gator blades often leave a strip of uncut grass in lush conditions.

    The Gator Magnums I have ordered online have been severely unbalanced.
  3. mikeymike

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    so for lush lawns what kind of mulching blades would you recommend???
  4. TLS

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    Use fully sharpened, balanced HI-LIFTS. And SIDE DISCHARGE all clippings.

    You want the lawn to look nice, not make green mush pudding!

  5. mikeymike

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    Most of my customers lawns are bermuda sod in front and fescue in back....

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