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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by jscozz, Nov 10, 2013.

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    I am blowing out my own system. 25 gal, 5.5 hp compressor. 8 cfm at 50 psi. It is plenty to pop all heads and blow steady water out each. As the water is finishing, the heads start dropping due to only having 8 cfm and air escaping from heads once water is done. I know it is not getting every drop that a trailer based compressor would get, but my question is... at that point, when the heads have dropped and it is sputtering, have I gotten enough out to not have to worry about any freezing issues? Appreciate any feedback.
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    no, you have not gotten all the air out. turn the system off or close the valve, let the main build with air pressure and then turn the zone back on. repeat as necessary.
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    Every last head needs to be popped up and blowing air to be certain. Do not cheat by raising the pressure. That's a good way to shoot heads into the air like rockets.
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    but that is so much fun

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