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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by alphaboy1, Apr 21, 2009.

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    Can someone please recommend a tool or method of removing the oil filter of this mower? The motor is a 14" Kawasaki and I have bought 2 different types of Filter wrentches and everytime is a struggle. This season I just changed the oil because could not get the damm filter to turn at all! Someone else recommened a pair of channel lock pliers? He said you grab and turn not carrying about crushing the old fliter to break the vacuum? I was hoping someone would direct me to a web link for a product? I did put it on last season and did not tighten too much and again I have to wrestle!

  2. davidcalhoun

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    There are two types of oil filter wrenches worth trying.

    One is similar looking to channel locks but it is made for oil filters.

    The other would be a filter cap that looks like a oversized socket that fits over your size filter. You put it on your rachet or breakover bar.

    You can get these tools at places like Sears or even Harbor Frieght.
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    why did you put it on so tight hand tighten then 1/4 turn with oil wrench
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    eat more Wheaties..... :D

    break the vacuum? Now that's funny right there. :laugh::laugh:
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  6. DT Lawn Care

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    Ya, normally when I do it, if I can't get it off easily, I just use channel-locks. If you're not going to use the filter any way, who gives a crap if it gets bent and ripped up? GL
  7. blake2727

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    As lawn care said, your not going to be using it again so just use channel locks. I have even seen people drive a big nail in the side and turn it. Its Just going in the trash so it really dont matter what you use to get the old one off.
  8. J&R Landscaping

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    I have a pair of oil filter pliers like someone pictured... They work great and I've never had a problem. I use them for some car and truck filters as well. Those 14hp kawi's should be easy. Most stick right out on the front of the engine!
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    large channel locks...or just stake it with a large screw driver "stick it threw the side all the way" and turn it off..
  10. IntegrityGuy

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    Make sure the engine is cool so that there is no expanding of the medal.

    I think your problem is that you put it on to tight in the first place and then when it gets hot the medal expands creating an almost unbrackable seal.

    When you do get it off make sure to put the filter on just till it is tight enough to stay on and no tighter. When the engine is turned on the metal expands and this creates the tight seal you need.

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