Boots teaching me pic sizing lesson

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by FIMCO-MEISTER, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. Don't wate your time here. I got a new camera and I'm trying to learn how to minimize my pic space for faster loading. Anyway Boots it is a Sony t100 and the iphoto info tells me this pic is 2.6mb. I'm going to get with my assistant today because I think this camera allows editing before loading on to my computer so we'll compare my next pic at the end of the day. Now the attached file says 116.7 kb

  2. Let me know how fast it opened. Opens fast for me but I've got hi-speed cable.
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    Do you have any image-editing programs on the computer? That's the easiest way to pare down the file size. Here's a fairly severe trimming of the file size (using Paint Shop Pro 3 - setting 80)

  4. No I don't. Just the basic Ibook software. I'll dblchk but will make a trip to the friendly mac store.
  5. Also what is our attachment size goal? 20 to 50 kb?
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    Now you need to learn how to get rid of "animal eye" in your pics. :laugh:

    Now... If you save them at 640 x 480 size they'll fit smaller on most monitors and Boots won't have to scroll right to see the entire post. :)
  7. I will succeed in this endeavor in spite of the buzzing in my ear:hammerhead:
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    The compression setting will actually depend on the physical size of the posted photo. A bigger photo can take more compression than a smaller one. This is more than you can do in-camera.

    You might try to google up some Apple forums on image editing. There should be something on your computer to accomplish this, assuming all those funny Apple-versus-Gates ads are telling the truth. PCs have an easier time of finding freeware image editors, like Irfanview. I do know that Paint Shop Pro has a Mac version.
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    What version of iPhoto do you have? I'll have to hop on the Mac tonight and see exactly how to lower the compression and adjust the photo size.

    If you don't want to mess with iPhoto and want to post the images directly, you could go into the camera settings and change the file size. Typically the camera will default to the maxium size, but you change change it in the settings, you can often change the compression also.
  10. Hooray a mac person. Thanks Frick keep me posted on what you find.:waving:

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