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  1. The local supplier had a Sidewalk Sleever in stock for $100 and looked like it would do the trick going under sidewalks. Sometimes it is a pain loading up my 2310 trencher just so I can bore under just one sidewalk. So I made my own sidewalk sleever. I used a old boring rod that I had by welding some big washers on and made a tip in my lathe and welded the tip on also. The rod fits perfectly inside 1" sch 40 pipe. This is a 81" rod and I will make another rod that will be a 60". Once I use it I will report back on how it works.


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    Got one for 3" pipe? Oh... wait... guess I should post that in the utility installation forum. <JK> :laugh:
  3. I have a 3 1/2" back reamer..:cry:
    I tell my partner all about the crazy repair stuff you do..:clapping:
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    We do have fun though. :dizzy:
  5. We used our homemade Sidewalk Sleever and went under a 5' sidewalk two times with 1" pipes in less than 10 min. total time. The soil was hard packed red clay and we used a 16lbs sledge hammer. If you cant make your own, I would recommend a Sidewalk Sleever for boring under side walks.
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    Nice work. I found a boring rod and will have to see if I can remember how to weld...
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    speaking of it. do you think one 20' long would work to make it under a drive way? I hate trying to find someone to drill for me. One reason I like newer housing.
  8. If used in sandy conditions I think it would be able to go 20'. The boring rods we used only come in 10' sections.
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    Yeah it would be nice to do so but we have crappy clay hardpan here. It takes all i can do to get under a 5' sidewalk. Always nice to think about.
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    Seems to me when the sidewalk sleever first came out someone posted a link to big tent pole stakes for sale for something like $6 that looked identical. Had the double head on it already so you wouldn't need to weld on the big washers.


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