Building a boom sprayer

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    The tips are floodjet tkvp wide angle. The sprayer is made for an atv. Nozzle spacing is 40" and recommended spray height is 18"

    According to the chart in the owners manual at 30 psi (the max I get, the psi drops from 60 to 30 psi when you open the boom) you get .52 gpm which I checked and its dead on. This gives me .87 gal/K at 2 mph.

    Should the psi drop that much? There is a slow leak at the boom valve.

    Here are some pics.




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    Changed from 2 wide angle tips to 3 8004 tips spaced 18 1/2" apart and 18 1/2" high.

    With 3 tips the highest psi I can get is 25. This gives me .35 gpm.

    (.35gpm x 5940)/(2mph x 18.5)= 56 GPA

    56/43.56= 1.28 G per 1000

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