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  1. Im going to stop doing lawns and make a career change so im selling my 32 accounts and equipment including my truck. heres a list of what I have
    Stihl trimmer. Fs 90R...great condition. only used 2 weeks
    Stihl backpack blower...BR-550... only used 2 weeks
    Solo backpack sprayer. Used twice with round up
    6 by 8 open trailer with trimmer trap holders
    2008 Dodge Ram 1500 quad cab going to *best offer*
    Echo backpack blower PB-413H
    Stihl yard boss MM-55 roto tiller.. only used for one job
    Honda 21" push mower. just did oil change and changed blades. 2 years old

    my accounts are all residential accounts with contracts most weekly and some bi weekly and they gross 2200 a month its only 21 accounts. All close to eachother and good payers.

    If you want any pictures or are interested in anything then pm me and I will send you some pictures.

  2. lgyardservices

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    im interested in the Stihl br550. please post some pics. and are you willing to ship?
  3. i am actually out doing lawns right now. I have my laptop with me though. I am willing to ship and I will have pics up tonight of everything
  4. No one else is interested in anything?
  5. stang2244

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    Assuming you will ship, I am interested in the trimmer and blower. Price?
  6. lgyardservices

    lgyardservices LawnSite Senior Member
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    I am still VERY interested. still waiting on the pics.....
  7. razor1

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    Since no one asked yet, why are you selling?:confused:
  8. Im just thinking about making a career change. I just cant make good enough money doing this. I wish I could though
  9. GreenWay Grounds Co.

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    contact me .... i'm intrested in your customers.
  10. razor1

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    I've heard Myrtle Beach is a tuff town to make money. You're not alone, click here....

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