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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Vibe Ray, Aug 24, 2001.

  1. Vibe Ray

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    Is it possible to use the Amsoil bypass filter on the hydro system of a Lazer?
  2. Why?

    Your hydro system will out last your engine. One problem I see with that is in cold weather you aren't going to be able to move the mower. 1 micron is surely small, and would be a good idea, but the oil will hane troublemoving through the filter in cold weather. It's 15w-50 not like the engine oil 10w-30. If i'm not mistaken the hydro filter is 10 microns any ways. And they do offer a cold weather filter for your hydro system but I have not needed it yet and have been out there with temps near 0 degrees out. One other problem I see is you will be tapping in to a system that maintaned properly you should be able to eat off of, so to speak.

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  3. Eric ELM

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    Another WHY?

    A hydro system is sealed so there should not be any dirt getting in the oil. The Bypass Filter is for Engines that gets dirt in the oil.
  4. AltaLawnCare

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    I'm trying to see if Amsoil or someone is making or will make a bypass engine oil filter kit for Kawasaki. :)
  5. Eric ELM

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    An Amsoil Bypass Filter can be put on a lot of engines, but first of all you need enough oil pressure to pump the oil throgh a 1 micron filter. I know Honda doesn't have enough oil pressure for one and I've never seen one on a Kawasaki, but I'm not sure if they can or can't be put on them. All you need is the Ams filter kit, a place to mount it and know how to plumb it.
  6. AltaLawnCare

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    Exactly right, Eric

    I just talked the Amsoil guy today, and he called tech-support. They said the engine needs at least 10psi oil pressure.

    I'm going to try to find out how much the Kaw's have.
  7. Richard Martin

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    You actually can put a bypass filter on anything that pumps oil regardless of oil pressure. Remember, it is a bypass filter and not a primary oil filter. The question is whether or not any oil would actually be filtered by the bypass filter at low pressures.

    To install the bypass filter you need a few items:

    1: The correct sandwich adapter (available at )

    2: A few feet of high pressure hose

    3: 2 Tee fittings

    4: An Amsoil bypass filter and remote filter adapter

    Install the sandwich adapter, run a piece of hose close to the Amsoil bypass filter adapter, install 1 tee fitting into the hose at the Amsoil adapter, connect a length of hose to one side of the tee and run it back to the sandwich adapter, connect a short length of hose to the remaining side of the tee and attach it to the Amsoil adapter, on the "out" side of the Amsoil adapter attach a piece of hose long enough to reach the drain plug on the engine, install the second tee at the drain plug, attach the piece of hose to the tee and you're done.

    This is a simplified explanation of how to do it and you would need to fill in a couple of blanks but if you can't figure it out then you probably shouldn't be doing it anyway.
  8. David Gretzmier

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    I wish I had bypasses on every motorized thing I own. the demo at expo was cool. take yucky black oil, run it through amsoil- Voila! nice clean new looking oil. Looks may be deceiving, but that sucker works. Dave g
  9. AltaLawnCare

    AltaLawnCare LawnSite Senior Member
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    Thanks for that site address, Richard.
  10. Richard Martin

    Richard Martin LawnSite Fanatic
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    No problemo

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