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  1. I did google so don't throw that at me but I'm doing a search on catch can products. Anybody want to provide me with links to review several different sources?

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  3. Thanks-I had the same results. I'm almost tempted to join the Australian Irrigation Assoc. Don't know why.
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    I searched on the web awhile back and couldn't find anything.

    I emailed the IA and got info about the U of Utah cans.

    PM me for the contact info.

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    I have another source.

    Cal Poly State irrigation training and research

    If you google cal poly you should be able to find it on there website.

    They sell the cans with metal stands at 6.25 a set.
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    Utah catch can picture. Not sure how the Rainbird cup got in there, sorry 'bout that

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    Perhaps a more accurate method of determining DU would be to measure soil moisture in a grid layout.
  9. No NO no NO no NO Besides Rotar doesn't want a moisture meter he wants catch cans for the totes he's sending me. Though I'd get a few extra for myself.
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    Those totes are a long time coming.

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