Chainsaw what one?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by WETSCAPE, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. AWJ Services

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    I did not say that all saws had plastic carbs just the Husky has used them in some of there handheld tools.
  2. SLR

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    I have yet to see such plastic carburation items.Do you mean
    plastic screws on the throttle/mix settings,or actual plastic slides,needles,jets?
  3. AWJ Services

    AWJ Services LawnSite Platinum Member
    from Ga
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    I will take a picture and post it .
  4. PHS

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    The newer saws are so much lighter and more powerful than those of yesteryear. So what if there's some plastic in them. I'll gladly take the higher performance for the tradeoff of needing to take a little better care of it.
  5. Grassmechanic

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    The new saws are lighter, but there sure not as powerful. EPA regs have taken a lot of power away from the new saws.:cry: I put my 066 up against a new MS660 and there was no match. It's a shame what the gov't did to small engines.
  6. PHS

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    I can't really speak for Stihl saws as I haven't used them as much. I like my ms200T better than my 020T and I think it's way better than an 020AV. Those are all good saws but the newest one is the best of the group overall for me.

    With the Husky saws, I have a 2101xp and from my experience a 395xp will run circles around it, not to mention how much better the 3120xp is. I have an old trusty 266xp yet the newer 372xp is a full pound lighter, over half a horse more power, faster chain speed, and it's much more comfortable to use because of better vibration dampening. I used a 288xp for a long time, it was a great saw but I'll take a 385xp any day for the same reasons.

    I'm not in the tree business any more so all I have are my old trusty saws that run great and always get the job done but to me the Husky saws have gotten better. Sure they're not perfect but overall they're easier and more comfortable to use.
  7. Tyler7692

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    Quit wasting time over a measly $400 piece of equipment. Just buy a damn saw (Any reputable brand ; Stihl, Echo, Husky, ect...) and get to work! Just keep it well maintained and it will last forever.
  8. PHS

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    There's a lot of truth in that. I like what I like but a well maintained saw with a sharp chain is far more important to getting some work done than the brand of saw.
  9. bare spot

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    picked up a 401 earlier this yr, it has serve me well, great saw.
  10. freddyc

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    Thats funny, I have a 142 Husky and its ... well, a pos.

    1/ Starter is pretty useless--- all plastic and have take it apart all the time to clean the chips out of it and re-lube.

    2/ worst thing is the bar oiler--- won't allow anything but really thin oil thru--- I use atf or nothing and then it pisses out all over. Any straight or 50/50 diluted oil just doesn't come thru.

    3/ complete lack of power unless you're cutting down " pine.

    4/ cheap choke know/pull. Probably std for most saws now but I'd appreciate something with a little more oomph

    5/ whiny noise--- due to the small engine I suppose but without muffs its like listening to your mother in-law on a rant.

    The good news is that it starts easy ---2 pulls or so.

    Its light as hell so you can use it anywhere.

    It was cheap so when I chuck it next year I won't mind.

    I believe there are better choices and for not a lot more money. Its barely a good starter saw for homeowners cutting 2" sapplings.

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