Cheap! new airfilters kawi and kohler

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by JRS Landscaping, Mar 22, 2010.

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    i got a good deal on bulk filters and im passing them on to you...

    All air filters are new and in bag. Will ship

    39 Kawi "kai" airfilters $7 each. no wrap j-thomas is $9.89
    4 14hp fc420v filters $3.50 ea j-thomas is $6.97
    22 12.5hp fb460 filters $1.50 each no wrap
    7 19-25hp fh601, fh680 ,fh641, fh721 with wrap $7 ea j-thomas $11
    10 fh451/fh500v $5 each with prefilter. j-thomas $7.50
    9 kohler Magnum 8 HP and10-14 HP $3 ea

    thank you

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